Body Of Space II

   So to recap, Van and myself (Zoo) had found our twins from another dimension and crossed over by a stealthy plan made by my twin, who I call “Zoo 2”. He seems to be “okay” with that, but he calls ME “Zoo #2” then “Zoo B”.

It became confusing for the transmorphing aliens, because they go by “12am” and so on, as there are 24 of THEM. 

     The last we saw, Van, he merged with his twin by bumping into him, but it turns out Van was a total closet narcissist and in love with himself. Once he found his “lost love”- himself, his molecules collapsed on himself and he became literally self absorbed to the Nth degree and, well, he died enraptured in passion.

Its just as well. I was getting tired of his need for a mirror in every room and his insistance on calling every day “Van Day”. So Van died on Van-Day 18,997 and his energy was absorbed into the electro-intercom system where he now selflessly speaks to us from time to time.


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