I was in line at Walmart (yeah, Walmart) at the self-check-out line. My wife was getting other stuff. I was getting my medicine and was going to sit and wait for her. I don’t like to be out in crowds very long. Its noisy. Idk.

       So in front of my are 2 twin sisters at scan-yourself checking and they had (which twin’s the mother idk) a 1½ year old girl. The girl says to me “Hi!”, which is like so funny because you know she hasn’t said “hi” a lot to people. She’s new to the world. Well gosh, I say “hi!” back and smile. One of the twins looks back at me and looks startled but smiles.

       Then omg she says to her little girl, “No, Cassie… STRANGER DANGER… we don’t talk to strangers.” Then she says in my direction (but I immediately look away 110% dissassociating pretending to be in deel thought about the magazine rack) “Oh… its not YOU!”. My stomach hit the floor. I felt like hell. Its not me, but now I’m being used as a true-life example of someone who is a threat and she says it out loud. What if the dude behind me hears that and misunderstands that and breaks my neck? That would be MY stranger danger.

       I did nothing. I said “hi!” back. Geez, she was like a sunshine carebear saying “hi. The world is a rainbow!” And Im like thinking Im glad this kid is happy. But I think the woman who spoke was the aunt because the other woman said to her under her breath, teeth gnashed, “Sarah, you are such a struck up bitch!!” On and on. Sheesh.


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