Magi Easter: Pascha

I woke up on Pascha morning
Crying for my mother
Tears that cannot be assuaged
I turned and called my brother

Out of light and out of mist
Dreams were ever-slipping
Creatures of the light arrived
Into Earth a’dipping

I was adopted- I was nine
I had long forgotton
I had a dad and mother
Stored away like cotton

Others came to rescue me
I became their loved one
After years I’ve lost my shine
My childhood is long done

Now I long for days to mend
End and go away now
I find no enjoyment
Its really hard to find how

Pascha brings a hope back
What’s lost can come alive, then?
Still in tears for cruel years
I lost my faith in God and men.

Lingering I’m trying
And then I see this light
A family that claims I’m theirs
On the other side

I see the girls, I see the guys
I see I have my father’s eyes
I cannot understand this thing
My real family in disguise?

My father holds me to his chest
I see my mother clearly
And though its the first time we met
I know she loves me- dearly


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