Neuropathic Mileage

Is it possible to weigh the pains of experience and log them? Where they say “time is money” and “no pain, no gain”? Like if someone were to say to me, “we’re going to meet up with the family at the Honky Tonk Diner in Palookaville, PA and Aunt Bernice will be there…”, and I reply. And I say, oh, that’s going to cost me 30K TKO in neuropathy gigavolts, then they’d understand, straight up, I’m not going because Aunt Bernice’s entourage carries a magnetic table talk pulse of bullshit to the nth degree coffee out the nose while you’re drinking it feeling like throwing up somersaulting highdiving first day of school can’t remember your locker combo plus road rash clavicle scent of blood adrenaline taste pressure on the back of the head. AKA hell no, I’m not going and that’s the “hell noo” you size up and price with a…

Well, you get the picture that pain is hard to measure and exchange as currency. Dang. Did I just say all those words. Oh well.


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