Urban Magi 6: Firefield Mantra

I walk to a field
Into the middle
I think of those who have died
They watch me
They see me now
Into the field
I kneel in the grass on my knees
I sit on my heels
I have no judgement
I do not hate myself
I do not care about anything
The Earth holds me down
My spirit is held likewise by God
God is as he is
He has war, love, joy, hate
He holds them all as he holds them
To know God is to find a shoulder
There is no more stable rock
Around me is a field of fire
Everything is on fire
Every space is glowing
I will not be unaware
I am aware of what is in the field
The field is on fire
If I am not aware, God is aware
I am in my field of fire
I cannot be touched
In his eyes I will never die
He sees both the living and dead
Both do live
I am not afraid to die
I am not afraid of pain
I am not afraid of death
I am afraid only so as to walk
To walk closer with my God


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