Sniper Sentinal

    Located one Beth at Walgreen’s coughing. I said I hoped she got better soon. She said the cough was chronic since age 7.

      I am Andy. I hunt for the forgotten misdiagnosed MIAs.

     So Beth, with 15 year coughing ailment has an MD cold case file status. This was in 2012 I firwst met her. Took to research myriad coughing ailment causations. Very broad. Beth went to an MD & there is where she found the problem. She doesn’t cough anymore. But something else wa found.

      She has MS.

     Now she takes meds. It hard to face, she says. But I hate it if people suffer in the dark. Its not like I shoot bullets. But I use my ears, eyes… mostly my ears for what people say ie “I’ve been coughing since I was 7″… I look at her (23-7 = ?, 15ish, decade-like wow) and MDs fail, this is due to lack of manic interest mind focus, most illnesses are due to bad or lacking dxs) and I see only hope. Illness is acceptable compared to a question unanswered.

     And…. pull!!  Whish, whish, whish….


     Dish splits into 33 pieces in the Great Blue.

      Diagnosed. Ignorance can kiss my candy white ass.

Semper Fidelis.


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