Sex Change Is Not Real: It Is Cosmetic ONLY

       Oh, yes. Nerves work in the crotch. Surgery to put two toes on a fingerless hand is neat. Its not fingers, though. Its “cool”, weird… it “works”.


Face value. That is a human trait. People with facial deformity- you are FIRST. My face is ugly compared to you because I am rich with “handsome” (they say). I sit on the floor beneath you.

But sex changers. No. You sit beneath ME. You mutilate yourself and are proud. Stop being proud- I will even call you equal if you are a dickless man. I don’t care.

I am chronicly ill. I have fantasized about suicide. Suicide is a “sexchange”- you kill your gender as you kill yourself. A dead mans penis and testes rot.

I am no better.


I am calling you spades who trany spay yourself proudly.I claim I may without hypocrisy. I repentified of suicide.

Changed bits. Make up added over stubble. You bake cookies… stop watching baseball. Damn it, bro. It aint toi late. Women who add a sausage- talk to a woman. I wont talk to you. You are not men. You need friends. Id be a jerk to you.

But guys who hack the weenie… dude… I empathize. I value my johnson. You lost yours in a tug o war. Ha ha hah. If we dont laff we may get depressed.

I hate sex change.
But unlike Cher, I would be way more understanding of my daughter and come up with a fuckin nickname like Kiddo #1. And not talk to reporters down about Chazzy Chazzerton. Serious. They put little kiddo on their dumb show. Now she is a weirdo?

Cher is weird.

You look at a human creature all anew. Hands, arms, face, identity. The voice. “What” are they now?

      Oh God. I’ve had a cross dresser ring up my groceries. They didn’t go by “sir” I’m sure. Is the equipment still there.

        The fact remains that a fireman will count occupancy by bodies. Not by gender or what you drink or how you relate to people.

The fact remains that true hermaphroditism (major ambiguity) is extremely rare and that if one undergoes a surgery to change their anatomy that their gender signature is found AS BORN in every cell of their body as XX or XY.

       While I sympathize with that I also sympathize with people who must adjust to a serious change of identity of ANOTHER who is screwed UP. What is next in 20 years?- exchanging video of the sex change and scrotums relocated to be labia, etcetera… in a high school… on a phone… or IN CLASS. UP FRONT. Suicide rate climbs as Mormon students say, “screw this… I am being forced to see sin” and they do a Samsonian suicide at school.

Why reinforce what could be myth by saying, “Thank you, miss” to someone who has male feelings.

Sexuality is traditionally an intimate subject. The CRIME NOW IS all the TALK. Fundamentally we are human, people and need a friend who sees our heart.


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