Urban Magi IV: Song of Zhe Lin

Kingdom of Souls
Zhe Lin the Lost

The implements of war match
    the fissures in a rock
Usually the metals and explosives
     come in faces launching talk
Talk brings a force as the king
     shows for battle in battle dress
What a mess!
What a mess before him?
What he’d do to win, he’d sin to
     keep his boys still breathing
On his horse, he’s watching and
    commanding, never leaving

Dominance is weakness
Towers fall down
Pride is power in the eyes of the
Dominant oppression brings
    sickness to the crowd

Scout who run through blood and
      mud are spirits of the cloud
Kings will hear and often fear the
    spirit who is loud in meaning
Changing kings back into boys
    dismounting from their horses
When the king steps down into the
     crowd and shows his voice
He shows his blood, his creed out
He becomes the crest, the crowd is
King joins crowd the army psyched
    advancing as evermore they go
Knowing that their king is with them
Kinging warrior hearts within them
Winning will they win in morning
Losing shall they even win
Never shall they die alone
The Kingdom stands and is within


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