Upon Conflict, Stand Humble

     You swear you’ll be better. Then a word comes up. You swore you wouldn’t fight. You thought, ” I’ll hold my tongue.” But once again, you are disalointed. Conversation turns into “whoa… uh… OMW, into the arena.” The invisible ref says, “Okay fellas. Make it a clean fight. No shots below the belt.” You go to the corner, hop up and down. Face your opponet. Gonna go… gonna go. Ding!!!

        Round One. And there they go. She throws, a “Well I don’t think so. Don’t you say that.” Whoa, ladies and gentleman, a disagreeing statement, she commands the man… and was that a you-statement?”. Oh, the man is dizzy. He comes back with a “don’t tell me what to do”. Ooo, that’s not the best defense. He adds an “I don’t like that.” Oh, an “I” statement. Normally that would work, but now he’s open! I can’t look. Whamm!

      She throws an “I didn’t do ANTYHING”. Oh, he’s flustered. “Uh, yeah you did. Why do you ALWAYS say THAT?” Oh bad combo! Inappropriate, but legal. A “you” & an “always”. She turns sideways. Bam, bam, bam! “You need to calm down”. Yikes, she threw a “truth” and now he comes back with, ” You do!”… Ding ding ding! Round One is up. He goes to his corner. She’s still going. The ref holds her back.

      Round two. Its without a doubt a sticky bout. The crowd eggs it on. He comes back in. He throws an “I’m outta here”. She says, “Go. Leave. That’s what you do, right?” Oh my… he delivers a “No. That’s not fair!”. The blows go back and and forth! Ding ding!! I’m tellin’ you ladies & gents, this going on & on.

     Round three… Round four… Round five. Oh round five. Boom! Its a gunny-sack from the past. He swings back , way back! Return gunny-sack from the South and bacm into the past! Both have knocked eachother down twice!! Ohh its craaaazy!!! Next knock down in Round five will show a winner by TKO…

      ROUND FIIIVE… 15 seconds on the clock… He grabs his keys again to go to return the movie. Oh, but he won’t. They run at eachother and hit heads. The officials didn’t see it. Ladies & gents… both are knocked out!! Both are KNOCKED…OUT!! Its TWO TKOs!! The judges are talking. Points are equal. Judges?

      Oh my gosh!! What?? This is not the norm. Both are disqualified! There will BE NO victor! There will be no draw!! The fight is declared unfair. Both contestants are approaching eachother. He looks upset. She puts up her guard. Wait! What’s this? He’s taking off his gloves. She says, “I love you.” Whoa. The ref steps in to facilitate. “I love you too,” he says. They are toe to toe. The crowd yells, “Take him down!” The crowd yells again, ” Fight! Fight!” and, “Boooo!!!”

     A lone women says, “Kiss her!”. Tbe crowd says, “Oh, sure.” He turns in. She’s shake. Oh my word! I can’t believe it! What???

       They kiss.

       They embrace.

     The ref won’t havs it! Its a mockery! The crowd want their money back! They are being escorted OUT. THE FIGHT IS OVER! This is such a bummer. On the way out, the belt for heavyweight champion of the WORLD is taken off! The crowd gasps! Both take the belt and raise it up! They can’t do that!! Nooo!!!

      Ladiez and gens, apparently they are agreeing to SHARE the chamionship! Shield your kids eyes! Holy jumpin’ up and down Martha! The crowd is… is… inspired!! Couples IN THE CROWD are holding hands now- kissing… hugging! It all over!

*   *   *   *   *    *

       If this at all seems familiar, you know you can hurt your opponent. But in the end, there is a fight where two lose. But victory is not lost. Relinquish the title and share it. If a bout is scheduled, fight clean, fight well. Lose well. Share the title afted all is said and done. Share the title. After it all, reform kindnesses and trust. Put the bout aside… and share the victory!

     Based on a true story about a Venusian and a Martian who went at it… on planet Earth.

Na-noo Na-noo


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