So Much Pain

Drugged up. Numb. Dad was a chemist. Made meth, used, did med school breezy. We Dutch German Russians have fuel tanks for crank. Drs. won’t Rx meds. I take CIA OTC DXM. Legal. Its in so many stores. Keep legal, please. Please. CIA’s redux of non addictive synthtic codiene found in children’s otc meds even. Raw material for meth, I only ingest DM as a dissociative neuropathic pain killer. Works very, very well. For me. Benrdryll with to prevent hives. CNS slugger. They should give it to MILLIONS of war vets. Nerve stabilizer! Used for fibro, but aps for ptsd not founded? Why? Its a queller for nerbe harang syndrome. I have ptsd nevermind why.



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