Progressive Synergy

     Oh man. Change is a’comin’. What ARE you GONNA do? Oh God! Its BIG change! Aw, SHIT! End of the world! Are you ready? ARE you READY? ARE YOU FRICKIN’ RRREAAADY???!!!!

     we are going to die

     Ever hear that kind of thing? Upset or panic from people? They follow a formula of “You, you, you, you, WE.” Like, “Look out, you. Wake up, you. You need to be ready. Be on guard, you. WE need to be ready!!” Its a psuedo-synergistic propaganda and it promotes BIG ASS PROBLEMS.

     End of the world cults, hysteria, paranoia, political frenzy. Now… I want to mention HEALTHY examples of synergy. Non-violent sports fanaticism (its YOUR town… NO… its OUR town!! Let’s WHIP THEIR LILY ASSES!!), or debate club (OUR school, WE rule), Church (WE will show OUR god’s love), or conversely, a humanist group (WE wish to gather in a place TOGETHER, because WE don’t believe BELIEFS matter… FACTS will make us, not their fake god.” I actually ascribe to the sentiment of the last two, fully.

       I took me forEVER to be a humanistic THEIST, but to get the most synergy (WE-energy & inclusion), one has to accept reality seen & unseen. The unseen is deific (not with religious rites) and the seen is sub-deific humanism. As a man of faith, I consider the term
“a-theistic” to mean “without g(G)od.” It DOES literally mean THAT. It doesn’t mean that there is NO god, and since BELIEVING in fake shit IS possibly a disease in remission in ALL of us, I will tell you, do not believe an atheist who says he believes in his heart there is no god (and becomes an evangelical Baldwin brother).

    Do not believe someone who calls themself ANYTHING until you have PROOF! You could easily blindly entrust your kids from your humanist family to go to their “friend down the street”s curch camp. Then they come back baptized and months later there is a scandal of PROTESTANT abuse of minors. It wasn’t against the baptized humanist kids. PROTESTANTS have sexual problems too?

        Oh my God! Did it spread from the Catholics? The Buhddists put a vice on it and the athiests just hurt whoever is willing to do anything? Geez, its in all of us. When I look at people, I do it like a policeman. I don’t care if the Lord saved you. You might belong in prison. You say their is no god but you are mad at your “imaginary” enemy? Bull, and my apologies for MY church ruining your faith in faith.

      So synergy. There are people with experiences. Watch out for people who talk about “You should- We should”. Screw that. Spirit is breath. Bring that breath to my town. Root for your team. WE will sit TOGETHER in OUR arena. I will ROOT OUR team to kick YOUR town’s ASS!!! Hahaha.

       Soon to come:

“Top-hats and Togetherness:
Synergy Turns the Century”



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