A Death In Heirarchal Ethics

      I once thought extreme methods to obtain info ie waterboarding were several rungs down from the explosion of a building with 100 civilians. I changed to ‘no’ on waterboarding. It can lead to unhealthiness in interrogators, murder of the interogee with no proof, permanent damage to the interogee- some say ‘big deal’ but the enemy’s government will pay their disability, perhaps kill 200 of us or more to retaliate… later, randomly.

       I almost drowned once. Not knowing the source of your next breath is horror. That it is done on purpose? I have questions about human God complex. Let it slide, waterboarding could be done for ANY “important” info. Also, I was once given emergency foot surgery. My surgeon dressed like Dexter and joked about waterboarding in the next room while cutting my planter with a scalpel. Let the suspect building explode. Its THEM not us. Torture one man? That’s US not them.

       Its a matter of a clean conscience. I have been tortured. Myself I’d vote ‘no’, but is it a vote? Its my voice. A voice of one cut, screaming. A voice of one waterboarded by Mother Ocean Tyrannus. Let us not fix THEM by being a worse US. Heirarchy dismantled and dead. Its a no go.


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