Uncertainty Blurs Itself Even

      I tend to think… that everything is supernatural. Yes I do.

     There is a saturation of dripping life like honey bleeding from a baklava. You have to lick it. Supernatural life is like it. Its life as you can’t forget it and the natural is XYZ axis plus time and space boring, 20,000 cigarettes and its death and pain. We hang on strings of freedom and providence in casuality and certainty. I have no use for the word miracle because I apply the term “act of God” to everything BUT a plane wreck or tornado. Tear a piece of paper and the torn edge examined under a scope will show a “will of fabrication”. You cannot tear a piece of paper- it chooses to break under your pressure. Contend with the tree it came from and its bark would mark your bare hands and bleed your human genome juice for its roots to drink. So I see source lineage everyday. If there is an Adam & Eve, this war and racism is extreme sibling rivalry. How many people had to die again to make the Golden Gate bridge that people drive on everyday? How many French died in Hiroshima? How many people are on desert islands stranded on this planet? How many WISH they were?

Will paper-rock-scissors ever have a cease fire? What is the chief deity of the the Texan fire ant that they go to war like Mayans with their hill? Who decided to spell “god” “g-o-d”? Who was the last person to edit the revision historian’s handbook? Is there any proof time exists? What language does the brain think in before the baby is spoken to and embossed? Idk. I don’t strictly believe in concrete notions of time or space because how do you hold oil in your hands, time pours, slides, it has no landmarks. The sky shows depth and time well enough and a watch is the industrialization of freetime. People say, “Let’s meet for dinner at 8:15Pm”. I think, “How stupid!” Why don’t they come to our house. WHEN they get here, we’ll GO, dammit. You know everyone peeter pups around and exudes their freakin’ importance and narcissism all too often by controlling eachother through time click counts. Its a kind of money.

     No one can waste my time. I just bitch box until I’m happy. I wake up knowing I will one day not get up. The fabric of the universe allows no space. Every cubic centimeter of “space” on average has one atom…. EVERYWHERE…. in space. Why it appears black is because 99.99999% of us have not seen that outer space is… Dark brown. Not black. Astronauts say once out of our atmosphere, “space” is smooth, like chocolate, soft, luminous. We are in the soils of the stellar. There is so much that is super. Puppies. Flowers. The first time you hit your brother with a waterballoon. Your first speeding ticket that you shouldn’t have received because you were doing 20 over, not 25. Wait, that’s me. Well on that note, go to your mirror and look at the muscles in your irises. Our guts are gems. So are you. I know because, well, I think I’m pretty awesome too. People tell me. But it is true. Its better that sucking!


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