The Million Dollar Question

   What would you do if you had 15 million dollars after taxes in the bank, no debt and nobody knows except you and your spouse. First of all, that’s a great deal of money, but you cannot do everything with it. It doesn’t CHANGE who you trust- it makes you think about it. It is a stockpile of you-owe-me-slips-because-the-pretty-paper-is-the-world-relgion-of-economics.

       You’d still have to shower, eat, sleep, wake up, go to the doctor, shop, find entertainment, monitor relationships. Depending on who you are & how you tend to think, that money will either become your tool or a wall. We all die. Its best to spend it. The money. Its best to know why you spend it. Its best to be happy spending it.

       This is why people will share. It is best to share for mutual benefit, not control. It exceeds to benefit another with NO benefit to yourself because that protects you from stagnation in self-interest. Investments are made in two ways- to carriage the money and to money shower the needy.

      The best thing you can do with money is to use it conscienciously, with an authentic realistic generousity and always pay your bills. Good for you if you go on vacation, but then again, when you go out, money shower tip your help, servive good or bad and your attitude, not your money will make you the “fresh pimp daddy”. Take care of your ho’s. I’m kidding of course, but do you understand? Be the rich person you wish you had next to you. If you are poor like me, realise they are OUT THERE. For real! Ha.

Take it to the bank,


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