Dungeons and Daggers

In a place oppressive
Colors inhumane
Pain in smoke rainbows of black
Breathing is painful
My life, an attack
Into a wall
Pressed into faithlessness
Rolled in a ball
I taste electric
I am no more
Purposes purposeless
Doorways without doors
Pain is a rainbow
Red almost the worst
Orange is judgment
Yellow a curse
Green is dark deadliness
Blue is the depth
Violet deception
The king of the rest
A spectrum of terror
Is deep inside me
The only way forward
Leads out to be free
Fighting for peace
Downing the vodka
To quell my police
Condemn me
Condemn me
Condmn me no more
Seven long years since I’ve
Recalled the door
Falling hard
Falling fresh
Sick at the wall
To high to climb
I curl in a ball
I curl in a ball
But soft-
What light?
It came from the South
The mentionings of failure
Have left me
An pressed in agony
I will not disown my newly found
Hopeless talk slides off from my
Lips to my spine
Thoughts so surreal
But I am in charge here
And things will get
Ever better
That’s the new deal


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