Mjölnir, the Hammer of War

    I have a friend, so please pray for her. Steph injured her head. She is very busy in a multi-faceted research facility. She is also an expert in HAE. I had to keep her up to speed on AAE I&II. Haha.

     But as for HAE, I have found in her a Q&A partner in HAE pathogenesis, the vascular system, the lymphatic system… even cadherins and systematic processing of edemic interstitial fluids. She has helped me in self education, reviewed my personal researched and has been “wow-ed” by my research and writings.

     She has a family and work and cannot research and act, ie forward my emails. And now she is hurting. Its is difficult because I feel a lot.

         Mjölnir. This is the hammer’s name. Thor’s hammer. It is not a sledge hammer. No, no. My ancestors were Viking. Ruthless, bent on victory. Right or wrong. So Mjölnir is shaped like a heavy anchor. Thor throws it to the enemy and *Booom!!* they get hit in a manner of battle akin to the tactle nuke. It isn’t to pound nails, nor stakes, but armies down. And then Loki’s daughter, Hel, takes it from there.

  To Hel and down
  With HAE
  Into last night
  Set children free
  The child is you, the child is me
  To Hel and down
  With HAE

      One of the last ideas I bounced off Steph was an inquiry into rapid acting vasoconstrictors to shut the damnable edemic attack down that occurs in patients with all-too-often-lethal larengyal swells that kill. The remedy for a relentless killer is to kill the killer. Better than that, says Sun Tzu the author of the 3000 year old warfare manual named, “Art of War” is to capture the enemy.

        If HAE was an entity to fight, I’d kill it. But capture? Okay, that makes more sense as a syndrome like HAE is invisible. The idea I pitched to Steph:

      “Every patient should have access to a medication not in existance yet, but based on the principle affect of afrin- vascular constriction. The idea is to give an emergency lozenge to suck kn that has an active vasoconstrictor. The affect is to HALT edema as much as possible before going to ER during a neck swell. Steph said Afrin is not strong enough.

        So what if “they” make one that is? Imagine you are hiking miles from cell range. You want to live your life, see beauty, be “normal”. Then, oh no- your MRE has a trigger. Your neck starts to swell. You have c-1, your syringe and needle. Nervous? No. You are already sucking on a lozenge called, “Mjölnir”, newly FDA approved. Your wife and children watch Dad infuse. Everyone is more at peace.

       Well there is no such larynx help. But could there be? I think so. HAE needs to be banged back. I think by the year 2099, it is likely HAE will be asymptomatic, whether through controls, therapies as-of-yet undiscovered or ease of healthcare.

       Today’s blog was brought to you by the letter, “C” & the number, “1”. To our health… to our children’s future!



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