No Programing Past Here&

     I have found that many times fear exists to promote life, not misery. Fear of guns in the hands of angry people, fear of falling, fear of dying because it may hurt to die, fear of having stupid fears- you only want rational fears. It comes down to elecricity. There is programing to live. Nervousness is painful. Pain means something is up!

      At a certain point, people will feel trapped and panic. The thought of being trapped down a well and face death, well it would be awful to see so much impossibility. One would be a very weird person to start singing after making a list of all possibile escapes as impossible. Very weird. We need to be something. Anyone ever hear of how men played their violins together in the face of death on the Titanic, drowning minutes later!

      There is no plan for death. The body hates it. But the body will listen to us. We can auto pilot in odd and deadly times. Or even today. Why not do something completely legal AND irrational? Hop across a crosswalk, eat a bowl of oatmeal in a Police Station, ask a librarian if they have more books hidden in the walls… geez, I dunno… Can’t you think of your own idea? Geez!


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