Cadherin Pathway

      Cadherin 17 is the gene signature for the cadherin that forms capillaries to rehydrate the blood. These capillaries in CDH-17 gene signature cadherin work in the intestines and liver. Because I have HAE, CDH-17 is important to me. I may be deficient in it. I swell in my abdomen ie my intestines and liver- fluid leaked OUT of the blood stream. If you are familiar with the bloodbourne pathogenesis of tummy swells aka bradykinin production, well, you know what I’m talking about.

      Please don’t tell me I’m the only one working the angle of CDH-17 in HAE! Sounds too strange not to be true. Ah. I am a high school graduate and a Bible school drop out. The former I majored in bowling and when I found God, I went on my crazy way. Another story, and I’ll probably keep it to myself. Idk.

      But forget cadherin. Forget CDH-17. I can’t make my cadherin work better. But I have been working on something. Manifold drugs are available for HAE to stop vascular leakage. NONE are made to do a redux on the lymphatic system aka the intestinal in•ter•sti•tial tissues. Not ONE DRUG does anything to ADDRESS edema in HAE (heredirary angioedema). So I came up with one possibly workable method.

      To coax fluid OUT of interstitial tissues via formed capillaries (made of cadherin 17) there must be salinity in the blood. I’ve tested on the human subject, myself to introduce orally the electrolyte NaCl to salinate my blood to attract water OUT of my belly edema. Once out, it goes back into the blood. Now this would be FUTILE as the water would go bloodbourne AGAIN, leak AGAIN and become edema AGAIN! But I had 2500U of c-1 Berinert at 2pm March 14, 2013.

      At 8:30 I took NaCl, ½tsp of it and mixed with 3oz Pepsi. I chased it with normal Pepsi, because that’s gross. In layman’s I put ½tsp dissolved table salt in me and flushed down with 3oz of Pepsi. I took a before and after video. My edema was reduced by 67% in an hour. Then I made the mistake to think I could do BETTER to do it AGAIN and I swelled. An hour after that is subsided.

       But I am working an angle. Not the c-1inh deficiency angle. Not the BSIS angle (Bradykinin Supra-influx Syndrome- which also is not in text books, its my theoretical syndrome). No, this is in the “An ounce of prevention/ pound of cure” category where the ounce is all-too-unavailable. Salt is everywhere. I don’t expect people to try this like it works.

       I’m not convinced. But it is data. Cold hard scientific facts. I know salt intake is bad fir the heart over time. But infrequently… and ALL AT ONCE, it sheds light on hope that edemic attacks can be not only stopped, but more importantly and inexpensively FLUSHED. And this in a healthy way. This is how medical protocols begin- with medical theories.

     My name is Andy “Both-barrels” Harrison, I sucked at Little League baseball, but damn it if I can’t throw a perfect game one of these days to medical acadamia. Practice, practice. Someone… pass the salt?



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