My first blog.
2nd run.
(Half-price theater. Serving beer now. Go to your fridge and drink. Enjoy the minute-man show!!)

zaphanathpaneah17's Blog

I am Andy Harrison. I represent expertise in the world of a very rare disease, hereditary Angioedema (HAE). I have learned I can help many other in other rare disease groups through commraderie. But I haven’t stopped there. Many people feel alone for various reasons. Trapped. The common human need is to be sought.

In 39 years of being ill myself, I have not been sought. So I decided to seek MIA patients of rare disease to seek them, help with knowledge of their disease and options on recovery. This service has been overwhelmingly successful. I wish to share these stories. But not this morning. I have nothing but time to blog my adventures as a “hope sniper”. I have helped people online for a few years now. I saved a life with a team of resourceful aides, made a call to the police to protect an abused youth with…

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