Hope snipe #1. Spotter & shooter

       It was 2010 and the economy took my job and dignity. I was angry. Then I was depressed feeling useless. Men- have you ever gone with purpose? For us men its hell. So I went hunting.

     It was 6 months after an HAE convention. I had been learning about Cinryze solutions, PSI, the HAEA, and “trickle up” economics in health care loopholes. I learned you can pay one state agengy $20/ month to get an insurance pool. The pool then paid for a high-liability policy with Bluecross that had a $2,000,000.00 ceiling. I hit my ceiling in November last year.

    But because I participated in the trials in ’07-’08 & helped legalize Cinryze, they promised I would never run out ever. They made good 3 years later. My HAE made them a net 2.5-3 million dollars. They shipped me $40K in Cinryze for free. Then on Dec 1 last year, Medicare started. With them, no lifetime limit. PSI pays my Medjcare “D” Rx plan.

   So back to 2010, I was on line and a woman, Mrs. S, had NO meds. She was having larengyal swells EIGHT times a year! Near DEATH… 8x a year so I said, “(Mrs. S), listen. I know a bunch and have connections. But there were 2 laws passed for orphan disease last century. You can have Cinryze in a week.”

      She was like “Yeah, lets do it! Thank you!”. So I got my edge back. Out of mh despair I fkrged wjth angst a hate for suffering all the way to my trigger finger and warrior heart. She was on Cinryze before Christmas a month later. Boom.

       She is doing good. She’s the first scratch on my sniper rifle. I shoot hope rounds, usually in bursts of quick factual presentations, a few jokes and a nearly pushy “so do you want to get out of this mess”. Im not tame. But kindness can be fired far. This was 2500 miles and a hit.

    Then there was Austraila. The fiasco. Another time in another blog maybe.

Take care of you!


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