Tao Scheol


Old proverb- the road to hell is paved with “good” intenetions

Perhaps potholed right off the bat with absent intention?

Save Hiroshima II

I read a little. I really like Asian culture like Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Okinawan, Korean…

I like freedom. Freedom can have its price, such as partiers at a football game can get unruly and security close a fence and 80 people die from a factor of natural science- the trampling. Or protester shot by police, or unruly country invaded by a well-meaning narcissistic country with 100x the necessary firepower.

Change of context. Spin. Twirl…

DIDNT SYRIA COMMIT SUICIDE AS A WHOLE? Recently. Consider if Syria was a person, did they fall into a noose? Pardon me if I misspeak, but it also takes courage not to fear fate.

ISNT the country North of South Korea SUICIDAL JUST THE SAME? Drop a live/du nuke in Sea of Japan for fun? Fun for NKorea? Probably. Fun for Japan? What do you suppose Japan is feeling in their cabinet? President? ALREADY in WWII had the proverbial TWO CHEEK smited. Say no more.

Someone please recognize that CHINA NKOREA JAPAN are

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS -ing the biggest peace game EVER or precursor to a pre-emptive

And for NKOREA I think, without judging morals- UN team wins the PAPER ROCK SCISSORS but needs to give it a siesta for like a year, please. I personally request this on behalf of the first Asian spirit “Amenominakunushi” sacred pre-Shinto first spirit of the first motion of the universe as a tranquil powerful one.

On behalf of USA ally Japan, I, one man, will burn incense to the “Ameno”, for he is my sole gog over all Gods. Over Kims, Dengs, Hitos…

Over Obamas, Putins, Shahs, all “fathers”, and all “gods”…

The Reality is freedom in reality. Holy Cow, I do not mean to leave out any nation you know. Bombs booming are unreal to children. Having reviewed photos myself of my adopted brothers in tribal desert Pakistan on Facebook, and seeing bods without light made me realize we do really return to the Earth as dust. Why feign the worst kind?

NKOREAN President Kim Jung Un, I wish I could say we as the USA say:

HARU HARU! “day by day we live- El Shaddai, El Shaddai- “Prince of Peace” writ on his thigh- he is faithful, he is true… he knows exactly what you will do…” But does everybody know how a BIG paper rock scissors game ends badly? IT DOESN’T!! Its a past time

Thank you, East Asia for Tae Kwon Do (Koreas), Shinto log rides! (Japan) Beautiful writing & Shaolin! (China), Mayahana breathing sciences for PTSD from war (Vietnam).

I have tears in my eyes. Almost, I’m too tough from my Shidoshi training to cry. I sigh out of the ducts of my ears. I burn the incense in the small flesh of my lungs for one of your cities…spin the wheel!!!!

spin spin spin spin spinning slows STOP! Hiroshima

We bless you as the rebuilt center of consciousness of the eternal night light TONITE

Pan Yao “Ahn Ru Haru San”, Son of Power for Tranquility

Pacific Civil Arts NW and Shinto Culture Enthusiasm

Unterfelder Urbani

In the Year Zero

Zero is now

Year AD, irrelevant

What is this life?

Unity of yours and mine

For now conside I write not to ye, audience

But my nephew Rexian Lokian

Today is his name branding to humility and better understanding

To Lukas Rexi the bridal veil-maker

How humiliating

He thought he was a king’s mage

On a triple mission from Heaven

So what if he is?

Down cast to Luke Page, messenger of his crazy uncle “Hrothgager Mage sub-preme”

How utterly embarassing

He has time only to do foiled sub-spells for Anglica

But does he really talk with Hallowed Seraphim?

Luke Page, internet disaster boy-man-do

Good for you

We have taken you off-grid

We will mail you the letter with the Az squid emboss

Check your POBox

-Crimson Lotus Roy Xh-page hand…



10554 SE Main Street Suite 308 Milwaukie, OR 97222- 4 blocks from DH Comics Fun Factory

Handbook on rated “G” action to promote civility action and not reaction, respect for authority from Popo to judge to librarian, mom and dad

Not yet written

I’m A Harris, uncle to the uncles (sp.??!)

Not affiliated with gov’t

Interested in having some family

Write snail mail

If you do not know what the hack that IS…

Google: “Snail mail def”

Write to me, and that will make me happy

Wife and I have no kiddos

For now, write if you are 17+ years old

Ages 17-123 years old, no partiality

You missing a dad, Miss, age 50?

I’m a Mage Page of the Joshua Tree of Early Morning Rising

My cloister of scattered tribal LJC kids

LJC is a parallel “church” cloister to off grid LDS

Our temple is our body

More spendy than marble

LJC = ?

Sire (Lord)

IESVS (Jesu(s))

Rex (Christ)

Chewy chomp words

“A rose by any other name, would it not smell as sweet?”


(don’t hold a weapon, no, mm be nice,)

Also that address… is an estate.

Please don’t write insane stuff about wacko doodley

Hotties, Babes And Sistahs

Hotties dress in their way (Google it) and get NO respect but DO get attention from meat-eaters.

Then BABES, they dress to bump other biznitches away from their ground and men do not flock because not enuf of the raw steak is on display.

Sistahs are all that. I mean it. And they fight like a guy and will probably bend you so make sure you have health insurance with ER coverage.

Cosby-Skills-n-mash girls, which I did not put in the title, they will bring you a glass of wine and…

too early…

well… If you have been drugged, take mental notes while paralyzed and report your psychoses in written form to:

Mayo Clinic

P.O. Box 240

Midlothian, PA

Watership Down: Revenge Of The Frith

Not so long ago…

Out in an English Shaw not so far away…

“Watership Down”

Episode II: Waterboarding Madness

as you know, the Star Wars movies start out like this. So I figured I would mimic them. For your amusement. I do not know if you are familiar with Watership Down? Well in the beginning of that world, the “Frith” is The deity who made the Watership Down world and I think that because it rhymes with Sith. This will not be anything about that.

The following spoof story is dedicated to Richard Adams, who is in English war hero who has put into Watership Down his feelings about humanity, what we are capable of both good and bad, and even the prospect of spiritual internal life. Afterlife too. He says that his stories scared his daughters… Why yes, anytime fuzzy-wuzzy bunnies are calling each other and it’s bloody the author may be a sicko psycho… If I were to judge that, I would be even more so… To you Richard, pleasantly surprised you are still kicking, in your nineties.

If anybody wishes to write and thank Richard for writing Watership Down, his address is:

Attn: Richard Adams

26 Church St.

White church, Hampshire RG28 7AR


and now…


Watership Down: revenge of the Frith

Even now as I write I can tell the computer world is jealous of the old world where we wrote on the paper with pin or with typewriter. I wrote revenge of the Frith… spell correct put fridge… anathema!!

From up above in the sky we see

A flock of geese in fashion military

their wings are painted like Indians do

The geese form a motley crew


In they fly to England, swift

from Goose-lama-bad far away

this is to be an unusual day

they claim to be sent by the Frith!


On the backs of the geese smart rodents steering,

anti-aircraft see them mice with turbans appearing

rabbits sound the alarm but it is too late

they head for America


it is hard to say who is in charge

The geese used to fly or the mice not so large

war is declared in the United States

dogs and cats Are sent to the East without much debate


The Fuzzlim mice and the suicidal geese

Declare a holy war at Monticello

They claim they have the blessing of Frith

The Canada geese, usually quiet, denounce them from their headquarters in Quackbeck


Wars went on in the desert places

Tyrants for massive power in that hour

I am skipping ahead past details and faces

To a war to end all wars…”

And you can read about it. I will write about it on syntaxsinner.Wordpress.com + Watership Down + Whitehorse


Her Nearly Ice-White Blonde Hair

Once upon a time, there was a polar bear?

Yes, in Scandanavia, the women’s fine hair

is fair

sometimes the color like the hue of the scruffy fuzzy fur…

of a polar bear.

Such a hue is akin to raw honey comb,

A magic laser-lite in the lightning that sparks when the Mjölnir (hammer!) of Thor lands on the Earth with a deep bass thud

so Norweigia hair

that is pale n’ fair

makes NO GIRL A “square”… but maybe a tetrahedron.

no lady of locks gone blond or sword-gifting nymph Angels, brunette- in the pond of King Arthur who saw her and said:

“Thanks for the battlesword, Lucy. But I am taking Linus’s sister to bed.

to keep  her warm, entertained, not alone… She is blonde. That means she is good. For sure she is good. Damm- she WANTS Schroader.., that effing blond boy who does not want HER. Dizzy, dizzy… Augh!”

Boy who like girls

who like boys who like girls

who like boys who like girls.

How they scream.

Girls ls who like boys

who like girls who like girls who like girls who like girls who…

…hahahah, like BOYS…

well, you may just disagree


simple sandwich on rye

distinguished taste, full of deli lunch

Stanley Hoopschmaker stands

brushes off his pinstrip

slick hair but healthy

sweaty but wealthy

goes to the gym to change.


Meanwhile at the cafe Mdm. Who is at the pie and coffee place

she is making a clock

She is a geek but hot.

Hoops maker goes to get a coffee

an hour later and who cares

this is fiction


“Fiction is more actual than truth.”


It turns out they went to the same school

she says she has a cat

He says “Right on.”

she says “No, he is mean.”

he says, “maybe you should punish the cat.”

She says, “What?”

he says, “Oh, uh…”

and he ends up walking her HOME…

he stares thru the window…

like a PERVERT but he is a nice sort of dude

he sees the cat, orange, greet her

Behind the cat’s back- a huge knife reflecting Hoopschmaker’s eyes. He sees fear in his own EYES! The cat raises the knife to Mdm. Who’s back.

Mr. Hoops hamlet fools the attack!

with both his laces makes a lasso

laces tied with a HOOP

SHOT!! And *loop!!* around the cat’s neck…


throws him in the bushes


stuffs a hot dog from the garbage in his mouth

throws the Orange ball back in the house

window “South”

the woman hears a thud and cries,

“Oh no. Fluff kind. You choked to death on a hotdog and fell off the counter breaking your neck. What do I do?! I will go out in my bra and skirt and look fleshy but ditzy and helpless. Oh if I had only made out with that MAN before- I would have strength NOW in this peril.

and she says,

Hey, what is this knife doing here. As she picks it up in front of the door, the door bell rings DING!!!!

half of the remaining 7 cats JUMP


SHE simply reacts according to her Green Beret training and 25 years of sweaty combat experiences. The knife goes thru the floor…

flies thru the air…

flies fast…


and goes into Mr HOOPSCHMAKER’s head in the neck actually, to the right side of vertebrae c2 and TURNS…


Turns and tap-tickles his uvula


It rotates and bisects his abdomen.

but the 60 year old Italian neighbor saves his life so he marries HER. She turns out to beat him which is really what he wants.

then he gets cancer

then goes mute

and all she does is bitch.

so he goes to the library, spars with a tree in Kung fu when she is not watching his every move

and he never dies

every day is worse than the first

he never dies

heaven? Not here

Hell? Please disappear

he is spared to live

delights are slim



oh well and say


if you relate

How To Make Authentic And Delicious Elf Cookies In Time For Christmas Eve!!


a cookie

a spoon

Scotch tape (capitalize Scottish things!)

And You!

Take a free sample cookie from Trader Joe’s. Take it home.

Beat the cookie with a spoon. Make crumbs.

Carefully pick up crumbs by squashing them skillfully into little elf rolls onto SCOTCH tape.

The dumb little elves say thank you!!


Ho Ho Ho…

santa wears Depends…

they TEAR down the chiminey

inside out, the dough falls out

lands on a fire


Smokey the bear invents fly by water drops in firefighting

it was Smokey’s house!

see, there IS A WAY to turn shit into gold

Merry Christmas 2014! Happy New Year! From our Tee Pee to your trailer home… Love. Intimacy. Pleasures. Like chocolate, you perv! Haha